Hydrogen Hydroxy HHO Heat Exchanger from HHOG Labs for Home Heater

Please Read: Here is a quick video on our hydrogen hydroxy hho heat exchanger, which is currently undergoing development. It is currently in the infant stages, so ignore the unprofessional design. With a mere 3.6 LPM of Hydroxy Fuel, we were able to adjust the air/fuel mixture in such a way that allowed us to sustain 6 flames with one gas source that would normally only sustain a single flame with a much smaller orfice. Our exchanger produces over 1000 degress F at 6 inches away, and we are …

Duration : 0:10:1

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  1. Natural gas has …
    Natural gas has 55Mg/kg,
    Hydrogen has 142Mg/Kg.
    From one litter of water we getting 1220L Hydrogen and 622 Liters of Oxygen.
    My it helps.

  2. InstallGuys says:

    It is …

    It is on our Youtube channel with video number :
    Just do a youtube search for that video(part 1 of 2 series)
    or see our youtube channel

  3. gareth01422 says:


    Can …

    Can you show us your cell for generating HHO?
    or point me in the right direction?


  4. InstallGuys says:

    Let’s compare the …
    Let’s compare the vapor, not the liquid. Propane contains 93800kJ/M3, vaporized, which is 2520 BTU cuft. I have read that HHO contains 60000kJ/cuFt, which is approx 2000 BTU cuft. But are we comparing apples to apples?
    Now let’s compare efficiency. How long does it take to make 1cuft of HHO, compared to 1cuft of propane? oil? NatGas?
    Propane(along with Oil and NatGas) takes millions of years, while we can generate the HHO in seconds or minutes and the flame goes back to water! Think about it.

  5. Mortarsprayer says:

    HI Steve,
    How many …

    HI Steve,
    How many BTU are in a Liter or gallon of HHO?
    Propane is about 6100/ Liter or 92,000 BTU per gallon. I am wondering how this compares.

    Thank you.

  6. InstallGuys says:

    I think your …
    I think your question is more about perspective. The camera was about 3 feet away, zoomed in, and I was standing behind it. My hand was actually about 18 inches away the whole time, and never directly in front of the flames. That’s a good question, though. I looked at the video again, and it does look like my hand is directly in the path of the flame…Let’s chalk that up to my “mad movie making skills”…haha

  7. overunitydotcom says:

    Good work,
    but if …

    Good work,
    but if it would be this hot you would have burned your fingers in front of it ?

    Why can you poke around with your fingers only
    2 inches away, if the flames are 1000 degrees ?

  8. InstallGuys says:

    Thanks SirHOAX for …
    Thanks SirHOAX for the comment.
    What I haven’t posted on YouTube is a space heater that I made from an old empty computer case. I hacked the power supply and used the 5v leads with a small 16 plate +N- setup(approx 2.2-2.3V per plate). I estimate around 1LPM HHO. With only ~244 watts(incl computer fans) I heated a 3800CuFt room(uninsulated garage) from 68 degrees to 74 degrees in just 3 hours. Outside ambient was steady at 68F. Send your email(by PM) and i’ll send pics of the unit.

  9. Its an interesting …
    Its an interesting set-up, but are you able to heat that room with that device. Also to put things into perspective can you state the power being used between the fan and the HHO units itself?

    A lot of people are concerned about efficiency.

  10. Very, very, very, …
    Very, very, very, very impressive! I got chills watching that. Good work! I hope my first heating video is that impressive. Keep it up!
    Stay Safe!

  11. InstallGuys says:

    Thanks for the tip! …
    Thanks for the tip!
    However, we are trying to keep the flame as pure as possible. By adding chemicals to the bubbler, we run the risk of producing hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in the burn. If we want a truely clean flame that doesn’t need it’s exhaust gases vented then we can heat a home without greenhouse or harmful gases.
    I’ll keep your tip in mind with my torch, though…it’s a good one!

  12. btester1 says:

    Put acetone in your …
    Put acetone in your bubbler and get twice the heat.

    Hope it’s true!

  13. InstallGuys says:

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

  14. codewildfire says:

    Great Work ! Hope …
    Great Work ! Hope to see more vids ….

  15. InstallGuys says:

    We originally had …
    We originally had the torch lit inside, but the sink cooled too quickly. In the future, we will work toward an exchanger that is heated by the flame, but initially, our goal was to sustain multiple flames with the least amount of hydroxy fuel…we accomlished this video with a mere 3.6LPM and no backpressure, and sustained 6 large orifice flames. This is much like a natural gas furnace, only using hydroxy.
    We are working on improving the design.

  16. InstallGuys says:


  17. InstallGuys says:

    We hope so!
    Thanks …

    We hope so!

  18. InstallGuys says:

    yes, the solder …
    yes, the solder melts… I soldered them together temporarily in order to emble the exchanger. In the future, they will need to be welded together.
    Thanks for the comment!

  19. docscot11 says:

    i would think that …
    i would think that you would want your flame inside the unit so as to heat the exchanger, just my thought, i will keep watching.

  20. Davehho1 says:

    Nice defuser/heat …
    Nice defuser/heat exchanger !

  21. BespokeGroupUK says:

    That is one step …
    That is one step away from an indoor fan heater using hho. Now that IS a fascinating development

  22. hhotechnology says:

    wow!!! really …
    wow!!! really inspiring,
    looks like the copper pipes are soldered together, if so does the solder not melt?

  23. InstallGuys says:

    I’m excited, too.

    I’m excited, too.
    Thanks for the comment!

  24. InstallGuys says:

    Thank you!
    Thank you!

  25. InstallGuys says: